Once upon a time, lived a girl named Bawang Putih with her loving father.


Bawang Putih’s mother died a long time ago, so her father married a widow with one daughter named Bawang Merah.


One day, Bawang Putih’s father sailed for work and never made it back home.

Bawang Putih was treated like a maid by her stepmother. She cleaned and cooked and so much more!


Meanwhile Bawang Merah and her mother were enjoying their life and plumped themselves up everyday.


Every noon, Bawang Putih went to the streaming river to wash the laundry.

One day, the stream was so strong it washed away her stepmother’s fave scarf!


Bawang Putih followed the river to find the scarf. She met an old lady in a cave and asked

“Did you see my stepmom’s scarf?” The old lady said, “Ah yes, but please help me cook my potion first!”

Bawang Putih helped with all her heart and the potion boiled beautifully!


The old lady thanked Bawang Putih and gave back the scarf. Then she told Bawang Putih to take home one of her homegrown pumpkins.

Bawang Putih chose the smallest pumpkin because she wouldn’t want to bother the old lady.

When she opened the pumpkin at home, she was surprised! There were lots and lots of golds and jewelries inside the pumpkin!


Knowing there are tons of gold and jewelries inside Bawang Putih’s pumpkin,

Bawang Merah was sent by her mother to help the old lady at the cave.

Bawang Merah helped the old lady recklessly and spilled the ingredients everywhere!


Bawang Merah asked the old lady for the biggest pumpkin and went home.

She immediately showed her mother the pumpkin and they opened it together.

They were hoping to find more golds and jewelries. But uh oh!

A large snake, spiders, and other creepy creatures sprouted out from the pumpkin!


Bawang Merah and her mother were very scared! Bawang Putih came and helped them get rid of the horrible creatures.

Bawang Merah and her mother realized how cruel they were towards Bawang Putih and begged for her forgiveness.

Surely, Bawang Putih forgave them and they lived happily ever after.